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The Sales Vision app is designed to support Sales Representatives in a friendly and simple manner. It aims to make your work easier, improve efficiency and assist you in reaching your sales goals while strengthening customer relationships. The app presents your sales data in an easy-to-use visual format, along with simple yet powerful filters that enhance your sales process. Its user-friendly interface ensures smooth navigation and utilization of its features. With a focus on data visualization, tracking, and goal management, Sales Vision helps your sales team excel and drive business growth without the complexity of intricate tools.


  • Sales Head

    • Team view
    • Access to My Team Page
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Individual Performance Tracking
  • Sales Representative

    • Sales Pipeline Visualization
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Advanced Filters and Actions


  • DatabaseDatabase

    Database integration involves the intricate process of establishing connections and interactions between diverse databases or between a database and other software applications. This integration facilitates the smooth and harmonious flow of data, synchronization, and communication among systems. Ultimately, it enhances efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility of information.


    The app utilizes Salesforce APIs, which are used to facilitate communication and interaction between different software applications. These APIs define the rules and methods for integrating applications with Salesforce, ensuring seamless data exchange.