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Turbo Mobile offers an innovative platform that provides cutting-edge mobile technology and enhanced user experience. Our carefully curated selection of smartphones, tablets, and accessories aims to elevate your mobile journey. The Turbo Configurator App, an exciting addition, enables smooth collaboration for tailor-made mobile experiences. It simplifies add-ons and updates, ensuring efficient and accurate configurations.


  • Customer

    • Mobile Purchase
    • SIM Card Purchase
    • Network Plan
    • Order Management
    • Account Customization
  • User

    • Addon Management
    • Phone Plan Updates
    • Plan Price Proposals
    • Plan Price Approval
  • Admin

    • Plan Price Approval
    • Plan Price Rejection


  • Camunda WorkflowCamunda Workflow

    Turbo Mobile has integrated Camunda workflow into its Turbo Configurator App to revolutionize the price plan change approval process. This integration offers benefits like streamlined workflow, accuracy in plan price changes, clearly defined roles for users and admins, and compliance with business objectives and regulatory requirements.

  • DatabaseDatabase

    Database integration involves connecting and enabling interaction among different databases or between a database and other software applications. This integration facilitates the smooth flow of data, synchronization, and communication between systems, leading to enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility of information.